Remedial Massage Gold Coast

Assisting to help heal injury and injury prevention

Remedial Massage is used for both muscular and skeletal problems as well as benefiting the circulatory and respiratory systems. It also aids the body’s healing and repair processes, restoring structural balance and preventing a recurrence of the problem.

Not only can Remedial Massage Gold Coast help to heal an injury, but it is also extremely useful in preventing the injury from occurring in the first place. This is done by using specialised massage techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of the body.

Allowing the body to reinforce healthy and natural movements can be one of the most beneficial aspects of massage therapy. Many aches and pains are due to poor posture. Whether we are driving, working at a desk, or even just standing still, poor posture can contribute to a number of physical aches and pains. Over time, these habits can cause increased body stress and breakdown.

How Remedial Massage Gold Coast can  help you?

Remedial Massage can help with an enormous range of complaints and conditions including:

  • Relieving Stressremedial massage gold coast
  • Encouraging Relaxation
  • Improving Posture
  • Improving Circulation
  • Relaxing Muscles
  • Improving Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Relieving Tension-Related Headaches
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Improving Rehabilitation after Injury
  • Helping to prevent intrusive surgery and long term medication.

Also, in a general sense, the processes of massage are seen to relieve stress and tension and so contribute towards a better quality of life. Reducing stress and tension can also promote a better quality of sleep as good sleep is hugely important in the healing process.

Does It Hurt?

Some massage techniques used on injured, tight or painful tissue, can cause some discomfort, but if the therapist adjusts their pressure according to your individual pain threshold, the level discomfort will be tolerable that you can feel it relieving your tension. Always communicate with your therapist before and during the massage of how much pressure you can tolerate so that it can be adjusted to suit you. A massage does not need to be extremely painful to be effective, so it is never necessary to let a therapist work deeper than you are comfortable with.

Will I get results straight away?

This varies with each individual and depends on your daily lifestyle and the condition of your health on arrival, but as a rule you should feel the greatest effects for at least a few days, but then continue to feel relaxed and revived for weeks, and even longer if your muscles were not extremely tight to begin with. Long term or acute pain or tension, however, may require more intense and regular treatment before you will feel complete relief. Your massage will last longer if you look after yourself at home by stretching regularly, maintaining good posture, and avoiding activities that aggravate your condition eg. computer work for long periods, carrying heavy shopping bags, etc.

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