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You want results and we are dedicated to helping you achieve them!

Coastal Natural Therapies is not your average clinic, come visit us to truly experience what makes us different. It all starts by helping you feel relaxed, supported and cared for in a calming professional environment, followed by giving you the respect and personal attention you deserve.

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  • David Haynes
    David Haynes
    Acupuncturist & Manager
  • Ségolène Prats
    Ségolène Prats
  • Mark Sargeant
    Mark Sargeant
  • Josephine Lindblom-Taylor
    Josephine Lindblom-Taylor
  • Lesley-Ann Butts
    Lesley-Ann Butts
    Myotherapist & Massage Therapist

We offer acupuncture, massage and myotherapy treatments that combine traditional techniques with modern methods, governed by accent wisdom and supported with the latest research. Your therapist will individually tailor a treatment plan that presents a clear defined pathway to the goal of achieving your desired result.

Our team are highly qualified and extremely talented with decades of experience between them. We genuinely care and are committed to making a positive difference to your health.

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    Coastal Natural Therapies
    David Haynes
    Acupuncturist & Manager

    Passion, healing and individual care. These are the fundamentals to David’s work as a Registered Acupuncturist. Throughout his time in the industry, David has worked with countless patients to improve their quality of life. With a particular focus on fertility, pain and stress.  David’s clinic, Coastal Natural Therapies and Haynes Acupuncture, proudly holds the standard as a leader in the field, with patients travelling both near and far to be treated by David and his team.

    First assisting, then practicing since 2008, David made a commitment to continued education early on. He believes that to pave the way as a leader in the field, learning new techniques, expanding your skills, and researching new ways of achieving outstanding results, is essential. This means regularly travelling to conventions, exhibitions, and workshops with international leaders in Chinese Medicine. Including a three-month internship at a Chinese Hospital in 2009, where he gained certification in Advanced Practice (Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University, Nanning, China).

    David’s commitment to continued education results in comprehensive acupuncture treatments, that can be tailored 100% to the individual’s needs.

    David’s passion for acupuncture and holistic living is unwavering, which is obvious to his patients at each and every treatment.

    Rather than resting on the usual diagnosis, David comprehensively treats his patients every time, to ensure that nothing is ever missed. This attention to detail, and commitment to his clients, is what sets David apart from the rest.

    David proudly upholds this standard throughout his clinic, which sees patients stay with him for years on end. A true testimony to how valued he is by his patients.

    Areas of Focus

    • Fibromyalgia (FMS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS),  Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), Post viral fatigue, Long Covid and associated conditions
    • Stress and Anxiety


    • Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)
    • Certificate in Advanced Acupuncture – Internship at Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine (China)
    • Certificate in Kiiko Style Acupuncture – Basic & Advanced Strategies
    • Diplomat at Institute of Classical East Asian Medicine (ICEAM) – Canonical Herbal Medicine
    • Toyohari Style Acupuncture – East Asian Needle Therapy
    • Certificate in Japanese Acupuncture – Gynecological Problems, Immune Strategies, Fertility Management

    The Fun Stuff

    David firmly believes in balancing career with a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. For David, this includes kite surfing, mountain biking, camping, lots of time with his Kelpie pup, Esher and overseas trips with his wife and child.

    Ségolène Prats

    My passion for this medicine began years ago when I was suffering from chronic pain for a very long time. After experiencing acupuncture my sleepless nights transformed into peaceful rest.
    Being a Mum of three, I understand how difficult and sometimes complicated looking after your own health can be and I am dedicated to help others to find energy and balance to a busy life. What Eastern Medicine offers is a philosophy that empowers us, it teaches us to listen to emotions, to pay attention to the changes in our body and cultivates our mind.
    The body has this amazing ability to heal, always seeking for the perfect balance; acupuncture acts as a guide to help bring the body back to homeostasis. I am passionate about assisting others find the keys to unlock their fullest potential through reconnection with their body and mind.


    Mark Sargeant

    Mark moved to Australia from England in 2012, and in 2013 began his formal training in Chinese Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health. Mark achieved a Bachelor in Health Sciences (BHSc) with distinction. During the course of his degree, Mark learnt from a variety of teachers and has spent time in different acupuncture clinics to further advance his understanding of Chinese Medicine. Mark has been assisting David at Coastal Natural Therapies since 2016, further developing his skills and knowledge.

    Mark first became interested in acupuncture 25 years ago, after successfully being treated by an English acupuncturist. He subsequently developed a deep passion for Chinese Medicine, reading widely on the subject and having regular treatment with the intention to eventually train to be acupuncturist. Mark has always held a desire to help people and worked first as a disability support worker, then as a social worker for many years.

    Mark has a deep commitment to helping patients reach and maintain wellness with a gentle and empathic approach. Mark has a particular interest in treating chronic disease, autoimmune disorders, mental and emotional health, digestive issues and fertility.

    Josephine Lindblom-Taylor


    Josephine is a registered acupuncturist practicing gentle Japanese Acupuncture.

    With a strong background in remedial massage, she often uses manual techniques during treatment where relevant, whether it be to treat musculoskeletal conditions or simply enhance relaxation.

    Josephine enjoys treating a variety of conditions including chronic conditions, stress-related conditions, women’s health and pain.

    Being herself very active, Josephine has a keen interest in all sports related questions, from injury to enhancing performance as well as hormonal and nervous system implications.

    She is also passionate about nutrition, and will often discuss dietary and lifestyle factors during a session.


    Lesley-Ann Butts
    Myotherapist & Massage Therapist

    My interest in Natural Therapies started many years ago when my oldest son developed asthmas, eczema and hay fever – allopathic medicine did not give me the desired results thus lead me in search of natural remedies. I consulted a naturopath and almost immediately achieved results. In November 2000 I migrated to Australia with my young family and was keen to study Naturopathy however, sadly the need to work full time took precedence therefore, it seemed to be only pipe dream. In 2012 after a couple life changing events I decided to follow that dream only chose Musculoskeletal therapy over Naturopathy. I completed my BHSc MST in November 2016 and have worked in the industry ever since.

    As a Musculoskeletal/myotherapist I assess the immediate symptoms experienced by my client, address the pain and dysfunction using various techniques but also identify the underlying cause be it postural, behavioural, biomechanical or muscular in nature. Each session is tailored to my client’s specific needs which may require the use of one or several techniques in a single session; I have a hands on, very inclusive approach which most clients enjoy as active participation can be very satisfying being that gives the client a sense of control over their own healing process.

    The human body is fascinating and figuring out the cause of pain and it’s associated mechanism of injury can be challenging however, the satisfaction gained from being able to nurture my clients through their pain is extremely rewarding although equally as important is the awareness of what a privilege it is to facilitate and share in their healing journey. The relationship between a manual therapist and their client often requires the client to be physically and sometimes emotionally vulnerable – therefore this relationship is one of mutual trust and respect – qualities I value immensely.

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