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A growing number of modern illnesses, in particular, autoimmune diseases are now deemed to stem from the gut! Did you know that 85% of the happy hormones in your brain are actually produced in the gut, hence why you may have heard the gut dubbed the “second brain”.

So when our gut health becomes unbalanced, it can affect everything from immune system functioning to skin conditions. Poor gut health has been linked to digestive issues like, gas, bloating and diarrhoea, diabetes, food allergies/sensitivities, moodiness, anxiety and depression, skin problems, autoimmune disease and suppressed immunity, just to name a few!

All Disease begins in the gut

So healing your gut is probably at the top of your wellness to-do list, right? Firstly what do we need to avoid? A diet high in sugar and low in fibre, excess alcohol, saturated fats (coconut oil and grass fed butter/ghee  are good saturated fats in moderation) and trans fats (such as vegetable & canola oil, deep fried foods), overuse of antibiotics, unfiltered water, environmental toxins, excess stress and cigarette use can all wreak havoc on our gut flora.

The good news is boosting your gut health can be as simple as getting enough sleep and exercise, consuming ferments such as (kombucha/fermented beverages/sauerkraut), gelatin, omega-3 fats, broth (we have ‘Bone & Marrow’ available in the clinic), prebiotic foods including soluble & insoluble fibre (so they can feed your bacteria) and using a good multi-strain probiotic (but not all the time, you can get too much of a good thing, so maybe try one month on, one month off)!

According to Traditional Chinese  Medicine the stomach’s element is Earth. Just as Mother Earth’s job is to nurture growth and all living creatures, Stomach Qi is what “feeds” all the organs enough power to perform their jobs. So if your looking to really fast track your gut health we can assist with Chinese herbs and Acupuncture!

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